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Deep Tissue Massage

30 Min/ 1 Hour/ 1.5 Hours
  • Slow localized stokes with thumbs, fingers, or elbows are used to release chronic muscle tension with a focus on the deepest layers of muscle tissue.

Aromatherapy Massage

30 min/ 1 Hour
  • Essential oils affect heart rate, stress levels, blood pressure, breathing, memory, digestion and the immune system. Our therapists will mix what is needed for each session

Therapeutic Massage

$40/$65/$95 30 Min/ 1 Hour/ 1.5 Hours
  • Traditional relaxation techniques that employ lifting, pushing, and elongating the muscles.

Sports Massage

1 Hour/ 1.5 Hours
  • Brisk targeted therapy to large muscle groups which improve recovery time and range of motion.


1 Hour
  • Provides optimal comfort for the mother and baby. Prenatal massage reduces much of the discomfort associated with delivery.

Neuromuscular Therapy

1 Hour
  • Assessment of and specialized rehabilitation treatment for muscle injuries.

Detoxifying Foot Soak

30 Minutes
  • A relaxing foot soak that draws toxins from the pores of the feet. Sessions are geared toward cleansing, restoring, and energizing.

Hot Stone Therapy

1 Hour/ 1.5 Hours
  • Stones warmed to a therapeutic temperature used in tandem with the therapists hands.

Looking To Buy A Gift Card?